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Nala Swiss Group is an international holding with portfolio companies in Luxury, Distribution, Real Estate, Space Exploration, Sustainability and Private Equity.

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Together with the most determined experts and leading industry partners, we build disruptive businesses and create sustainable value and transformational growth.

Nala Swiss builds companies independently as well as partnering with category leaders of various industries. We leverage existing solutions of the Nala Swiss Group to jointly develop champions at unmatched execution speed. After 15 years of company building, Nala Swiss has developed extensive knowledge in growing successful businesses: a very entrepreneurial, diverse management and a deep know-how in our focus sectors as well as a network of strong partners and investors in Europe and in Africa. Over time Nala Swiss has become an execution powerhouse thanks to its deep and broad intellectual capital – and most importantly by exchanging every single day on how to become better.

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Our Portfolio Companies


Omega Space was founded in 2017 and is a pioneer, private space agency that offers commercial missions to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), the International Space Station (ISS) and Axiom Station. The ultimate aim is to foster humanity’s expansion to space and to give the most influential people on Earth the opportunity to participate in science, industry and the arts while in orbit, giving them a perspective altering view of the planet that will ultimately benefit us all.



JP Realty is a private real estate platform which provides access to unlisted luxury homes worldwide. All properties are off-market and exclusively available for invited buyers only.



Founded in 2009, Nala Exhibitions is a pioneer, Africa-focused exhibition and management firm that showcases curated luxury brands in emerging markets with a special focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Nala Exhibitions developed an experiential, innovative B2C exhibition format that displays luxury brands in secret venues for an affluent audience of ultra high net-worth buyers (UHNWI). All exhibitions are press-free and strictly by invite only.



Nakia is a tech-company founded in 2018. It is the digital extension of Nala Exhibitions and provides a virtual experience for discerning clients who wish to explore and acquire the world’s most exclusive pieces online.

As part of our business, we partner with selected five-star luxury hotels to increase the level of service and enrich brand discovery for their most elite guests. We deliver cutting edge white-lable software solutions which offer unique, personalised and highly targeted digital product discovery experiences.

Nakia provides a carefully curated product range and bespoke digital service tailored to the world’s most discerning UHNW buyers.

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Deal Match is an unbiased, independent and private investment platform for experienced family office and UHNW investors. It provides members with unique, pre-filtered deal flow and direct investment opportunities. Qualified members can search for the ideal acquisition or merger sourced from or anchored by other members and the leading Swiss Private Banks and PE Firms.



Pickman Africa is a wholly-owned distribution company by Nala Swiss Group that owns the exclusive rights for Pickman 2019 Electronic Truck in Africa. Pickman 2019 is manufactured by Kaiyun Motors in Beijing, China and is the first low-price electronic pick-up truck. The Pickman 2019, with a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour and a driving range of 120 kilometers, is the perfect daily e-mobility solution for farm owners, factory employees moving loads at their work sites, and commuters in the fast-growing urban and rural regions in sub-Saharan Africa.



Nala Swiss Foundation is a private, independent nonprofit organisation that’s deepening trust and collaboration to solve complex causes of poverty and climate change. We use our proven approach to help diverse people and organisations around the world work together to achieve lasting change on urgent issues. Our main focus is to create and support sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible projects and destinations around the world to achieve long-lasting impact and sustainability in privately managed areas. Nala Swiss Foundation delivers on its vision and mission through support of its strategic partner organisations: Synergos, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.


About us

Nala Swiss Group is an international holding company, founded by Benjamin J.P. Henecka. Nala Swiss Group owns businesses in luxury, distribution, real estate, space exploration and private equity: Nala Exhibitions, Nakia, JP Realty, Omega Space, Deal Match and Pickman Africa.

Nala Swiss builds modern, forward-thinking and genuine ventures. This conception is at the heart of our business model and organization. By placing Africa at the heart of its strategy, Nala Swiss enables its businesses to set new limits while creating value in a sustainable and responsible way.

We recognise that Africa presents unique opportunities which demands distinctive intelligence and a robust network. Our commitment to focusing on and also working in Africa enables us to help our businesses expand their vision of possibilities on the continent and achieve their desired impact.

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